Saturday, November 26, 2005


These are ok poems. When I read them, I don't hear nails sliding across a chalkboard.

The Gold one is about Zeus in Greek Mythology. I'm no Homer so bear with me.

The second one is a love poem about what it is to hold the love of your life.

Tell me what you think they are about!

Blayac lightly illustrated this page. I think it was due to the full page picture that preceded this page. I think it works.

[BLAYAC: Joe is correct about the reason behind me lightly illustrating this page. Though I don't think this art is necessarily bad I don't think it's all that interesting either. It's interesting to look back on these pictures I drew over a decade ago and see how far I've come.]

Saturday, November 19, 2005

The King and the Lady

Here's a cool picture Blayac drew for a poem that you will see on the next page. enjoy!

[BLAYAC: I like this picture with the exception of the rays of light shining behind the king and the lady. As you can plainly see I drew it just a bit off there on the right side. It's always bugged me, but I was young and still learning my chops.]

Monday, November 14, 2005

The Second Year

I'm back! With the computer down and all those horror movies to watch in October, I haven't allotted any time to this little project. I haven't forgotten about it though.

Now we move on! I hope this next selection of poems is better than the last. Some of them make me cringe...others just sit on the page and waste space...and others I think are pretty good. Let's see what you think! How many will make you wish you couldn't read!

All the art in this next section was done by Blayac. So if the poems are that bad, maybe the art will make up for it!

And away we go!